Winter St. Los Angeles, CA 90063

Single Family Residence

Represented Buyer

Sales Price: $430,000

Conventional Financing

Loan Amount: $387,000 

Echo Park-Silverlake-  Greater Los Angeles

310 N. Saratoga St. Los Angeles, 90033

 7553-7555 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Duplex Non-Owner Occupied.

Loan Amount: $335,000

​Refinance Cash Out No Income Verification. 75% LTV.

16803 Wegman Dr. La Puente,  91744


Specializing in residential and Commercial Real Estate and financing

Single Family Residence.

Loan Amount: $520,400

FHA Purchase: 3.5% Down Payment 

Duplex Non-Owner Occupied. 
Loan Amount: $340,000
Refinance Cash-Out No Income

Verification. 60% LTV.


14422 Orange Ave. Paramount, 90723

Recently Sold and Funded

2719-2721 Cincinnati St. Boyle Heights, 90033

15245 Midcrest Dr. Whittier, 90604

Single Family Residence

Loan Amount $175,000

Cash-Out Refinance 44% LTV

Single Family Residence.

Loan Amount: $455,000

FHA Refinance Cash-Out 75% LTV

Steven Molina, Realtor



Gene Molina, Broker/Realtor


Mixed-Use Property

Loan Amount:$625,000

Cash-Out Refinance 70% LTV.

Commercial Financing